Do it together with us! In our offer, you will find central heating boilers with EcoDesign and class 5 certificates, burning eco-pea and pellet type fuels.

EcoDesign central heating boilers

METAL-FACH EcoDesign central heating boilers

The class to which an automatic boiler with a feeder will be assigned largely depends on its efficiency as well as how cleanly it burns fuel. Standard PN-EN 303–5:2012 defines the maximum value of carbon monoxide, tar and particulate matter emissions in detail. The fact that a central heating boiler must meet all criteria in tests qualifying it into a given class, is significant. Central heating boilers with a class 5 certificate are distinguished by the best thermal efficiency and emissions of harmful gases limited to a minimum. In addition, high efficiency of central heating boilers reduces the quantitative demand for solid fuel, thanks to which building heating costs may be lower in comparison with unclassified central heating boilers. Thanks to their CLASS 5 certification according to standard PN EN-303 5:2012 and the ECO DESIGN standard, boilers fired with eco-pea and pellet boilers are classified as products entitled to co-funding.



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