Do it together with us! In our offer, you will find central heating boilers with EcoDesign and class 5 certificates, burning eco-pea and pellet type fuels.

Burners for class 5 and EcoDesign central heating boilers

METAL-FACH class 5 central heating boilers

Considering its construction, a central heating boiler is a complex heating appliance. Modern technologies and solutions intended to increase their thermal efficiency and output are applied in their design. Many subassemblies enter into the composition of a central heating boiler, including electronic, mechanical and structural units. It often happens that there is no “golden mean” with regard to solutions of specific parts of which the boiler consists. Thus, there is a rich offer and broad product range of heating appliances on the market, and they all differ in their designs and types of components used in their manufacture. Metal Fach Heating Technology is a manufacturer of automatic boilers fired by pellet and eco-pea. This is why many technological solutions are dedicated precisely to the combustion of these two types of fuel. These solutions are intended to improve performance and continuously raise the thermal efficiency of the heating appliance. The burner is one of the most important design elements of a boiler, and the quality of combustion depends on it. To be more exact, the entire feeding and combustion system responsible for burning solid fuel in a central heating boiler is significant.



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