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Technical data



Available powers: 200kW
Fuel: Pellets
Certificates: EcoDesign | 5 class
Energy class: A +

General information

GRAND PELLET boiler, the best for heating halls and large buildings!

The GRAND PELLET boiler is an ideal solution for large enterprises and production halls. The boiler is adapted to the efficient combustion of class C wood pallet in accordance with the PN EN 303-5: 2012 standard. It is equipped with a self-cleaning burner with a comprehensive self-cleaning system of the exchanger. Pellet lighter cooperating with the RTC clock, lighting up and extinguishing the boiler according to the schedule, reducing the number of activities to be performed at the boiler to almost zero. Thanks to the ecoNET300 internet module attached to the boiler, you can manage the boiler functions from a phone, tablet or computer.

Technology and security


Heat exchanger

Vertical convection channels | tubular
Effective structure adapted to automatic cleaning of the exchanger. The design of the boiler exchanger ensures high heat removal from the furnace.

Flue outlet

At the back of the boiler
The structure of the boiler has been designed in such a way that the flue outlet is at the rear. The use of such a solution in a central heating boiler allows the flue to be directly led out to the chimney.

Exhaust fan

Adjustable height
The exhaust fan effectively supports the natural flue gas draft in the boiler.

Automatic feeder

The PLATINUM PELLET controller, based on the information received from the sensors, determines the demand for fuel and doses it the right amount. The process of fuel combustion itself is therefore very economical, ecological and does not require additional service on the part of the user.

Automatic ash removal system


The process of automatic ash removal consists in pushing the ash outside the boiler, into two specially designed containers. Both containers for collecting ash, have wheels and a handle, thanks to which you can efficiently pull or lift them.



Combined with automatic cleaning of convection channels
Swirlers installed in the convection channels, connected with the automatic cleaning system, effectively reduce the speed of the exhaust gas outlet. Due to systematic cleaning, the boiler maintains a constant high heat removal by the water cry. The use of automatic cleaning of convection channels contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption.

Limit switch

For your safety, the boiler is equipped with a limit switch. The end protection system is located in the boiler door. Each opening of the door automatically stops the operation of the burner and other elements of the boiler until they are closed again.

Connectivity and functionality

Simple and intuitive boiler control

Adjust the boiler operation and room temperature to your individual needs. The PLATINUM PELLET controller is programmed in such a way as to automate all processes related to the heating of your home. The owner gives the temperature he wants to have in the apartment, and the controller will optimize combustion in this respect. By entering the advanced settings of the driver, you can personalize each parameter. It all depends on the preferences of the user and household members!

Key Features:

Pump (DHW, CH, additional)
One CH.1 mixing circuit with room thermostat
RTC clock with weekly timer
Weather control
Winter / summer operation mode
FuzzyLogic & PID

Standard equipment

  • ecoNET 300 internet module
    Control the work, monitor, compare statistics thanks to the connection of the boiler controller with the internet module. Gain access to boiler control from a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The internet module is not only a remote control, it also records and registers the course of heating the house. Thanks to the ecoNET internet module (wired, wi-fi) you can gain control over your expenses and nothing will surprise you anymore!

Additional equipment

  • Lambda probe
  • PLATINUM TOUCH room thermostat (touchscreen, wired)
  • PLATINUM TOUCH x40 room thermostat (analog, wireless)
  • PLATINUM TOUCH x80 room thermostat (touchscreen, wireless)
  • Platinum B module (buffer operation control, additional two heating circuits, 2x pump, 2x mixer, 2x thermostat)
  • Platinum C module (two additional heating circuits, 2x pump, 2x mixer, 2x thermostat)

Self-cleaning PPW burner

Self-cleaning PPW burner – for pellets

Quick firing-up of the furnace and automatic cleaning of the furnace of ash. The burner is equipped with two automatic ceramic pellet igniters and has been designed for regular, automatic cleaning of ash. The design of the burner allows you to quickly reach a high temperature of the boiler. All functions of cleaning the furnace from ash and fuel dosage can be set in accordance with the current needs of the user.


Fuel: Pellets

Ecological fuel such as pellets, also known as biomass, is produced by pressing wood waste such as sawdust or shavings. This completely natural fuel turns into biodegradable ash after burning.

Two ceramic pellet igniters

Forget about manual boiler lighting. One click is enough and the automatic ceramic igniter ignites the fuel fed to the burner. Automatic igniter in conjunction with the RTC clock allows you to program the entire week of operation of the device. The device operation clock can be set separately for SUMMER and WINTER mode.

Automatic cleaning

The burner is cleaned of ash on its own on a regular basis, which reduces the need for manual cleaning to a minimum. The use of this technology prevents clogging of the furnace chamber with ash, and also allows the burner to be kept in excellent efficiency.

Technical data of the boiler

Nominal thermal power [kW] 200
Boiler power range [kW] 60-200
Heatable surface * [m2] 900-3000
Heating area [m2] 13,5
Water capacity [L] 530
Maximum working pressure [bar] 3
Maximum working temperature [°C] 80
Test pressure [bar] 4,5
Fuel tank capacity [L] 1000
Fuel tank capacity [kg] 600
Fuel [-] pellet Φ6-8mm
Electrical connection [-] 5A; ~230V; 50Hz
Electric power consumption [W] 320
Temperature controller setting range [°C] 60-80 (1°C steps)
Chimney draft required [Pa]
Boiler weight [kg] 2100

* A new building with very good thermal insulation was adopted for the calculations.


Ecodesign [-] yes
Boiler class [-] 5
Energy class [-] A +
Particulate emission [mg / m3] 32

Boiler dimensions

A [mm] 2700
B1 [mm] 930
B2 [mm] 1111
C1 [mm] 1969
C2 [mm] 1872
D1 [mm] 2952
D2 [mm] 2162
E [mm] 1838
F1 [mm] 1608
F2 [mm] 1241
F3 [mm] 1060
F4 [mm] 400
G1 [mm] 250
G2 [cal] 2
G3 [cal] 2
G4 [cal] 3/4
H [mm]

Boiler documentation


DTR statement

Technical and operational documentation for the GRAND PELLET boiler


Driver manual

PLATIUM PELLET controller manual


Energy label

A + energy class


Product sheet

According to EU Regulation 2015/1187 supplementing Directive 2009/125 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council


EcoDesign certificate

The boiler complies with the requirements of the EcoDesign standard


Class 5 Certificate

The boiler complies with the requirements of PN-EN 303-5: 2012

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