EKOENERGIA II cast iron burner

EKOENERGIA II cast iron burner

Cast iron boiler carburizing system with automatic or manual firing up of the furnace. The eco pea burner and its elements in contact with high temperature are made of cast iron. Thanks to the use of this material in the construction of the burner, these elements are more resistant to corrosion than ordinary steel, even if we use moist fuel. Cast iron elements of the burner also reduce the noise of the feeder operation. The burner and the feeding screw are made of gray ductile cast iron, resistant mainly to abrasion and high temperature. A burner constructed in such a way will work reliably for many years.

Sterownik z 5 calowmy wyświetlaczem do pieca centralnego ogrzewania.

Fuel: Eco peas

Ecological fuel straight from the depths of the earth. Eco pea fuel is produced on the basis of hard coal. The prefix “eco” means that it meets the strictest gas emission standards. Eco-pea fuel has a low sulfur content, a small amount of ash and low humidity. While burning, it produces much less harmful compounds than ordinary coal.

Automatic lighter for eco-pea coal

Forget about manual boiler lighting. With just one click, the stove fires up after a few minutes. The igniter, in conjunction with the RTC clock, also allows you to program an hourly schedule of ignitions for the entire week, divided into SUMMER and WINTER mode.

Screw feeder

It doses fuel precisely, is resistant to abrasion and high temperature.


The pin of the gear motor

It prevents damage to the gearmotor. When there is an element in the feeder that the auger will not be able to push out, the pin will break, which will protect the boiler against serious damage to the feeding system.