Internet Module

Internet Module

This communication module cooperates with the PLATINUM controller and enables service, maintenance and management of the boiler’s operation using a computer, tablet or smartphone through the intuitive www.econet24.com webpage.

Thanks to the WWW server built into the ecoNET 300 module, it is possible to manage the boiler’s work remotely through a local network without internet access.

Functions of the module

The built-in service system enables:

  • Logging of critical boiler work parameters
  • Sending of alarm notifications to an e-mail inbox
  • Viewing of the history of parameter settings and alarms in the form of clear charts
  • Editing of most of the regulator’s parameters


Internet module – benefits

Thanks to the internet module, the user has the ability to control parameters:

  • Temperature regulation in selected rooms
  • work of pumps, mixers, fans
  • view the boiler’s work status

Visualization of boiler control by means of the internet module

The module improves the convenience and comfort of using the heating appliance substantially. With the internet module, visits to the boiler room involve only replenishing the fuel in the boiler’s dispenser.

Configuring the internet module? Simple!

Installing the module is quick and easy. In addition, all installation steps are shown in the video.

Want to test the internet module out?

The preview how the internet module works and its functions, you can log into the www.econet24.com webpage. www.econet24.com.

Login: demo@plum.pl
Password: demo

The internet module is an ideal solution

to improve comfort and save time related to manual operation of the heating appliance. The module is supported by the PLATINUM controller.



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