PPW self-cleaning burner

PPW Pellet Burner Self-cleaning

Quick firing up of the furnace and automatic cleaning of the furnace of ash. The burner is equipped with one or two automatic ceramic pellet igniters (up to 75 kW – one automatic ceramic igniter), and has been designed for regular, automatic cleaning of ash. The design of the burner allows you to quickly reach a high temperature of the boiler. All functions of cleaning the furnace from ash and fuel dosage can be set in accordance with the current needs of the user.

Fuel: Pellets

Ecological fuel such as pellets, also known as biomass, is produced by pressing wood waste such as sawdust or shavings. This completely natural fuel turns into biodegradable ash after burning.

One or two ceramic pellet igniters

(up to 75 kW – one automatic ceramic igniter)

Forget about manual boiler lighting. With just one click, the stove fires up after a few minutes. The igniter, in conjunction with the RTC clock, also allows you to program an hourly schedule of ignitions for the entire week, divided into SUMMER and WINTER mode.

Automatic cleaning

Automatic self-cleaning of the burner from ash. The burner is regularly and independently cleaned of ash to keep the stove in perfect working order.