How much do our services cost?

Repair services

Our service is available throughout the territory of Poland.

We offer professional maintenance and repair services in order to ensure the reliable operation of the central heating boiler you have purchased from us . Among other things, we detect problems with the installation and install and update automation. We provide both guarantee and post-guarantee service for our customers. See our offer of services before you call the service.

Table of services

ServiceNet price
Start-up of boiler with feederPLN 300
Connection of automation without materialPLN 70/h
Unjustified service callPLN 300
Post-guarantee repairs, inspectionsPLN 70/h
TravelPLN 1/km

VIDEO instructions

We also have many instructional videos on our YouTube channel – METAL-FACH Heating Technology, which provide assistance and teach how to easily operate our appliances.



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