Advantages of using central heating boilers


The easy-to-use and intuitive technologies applied in our boiler designs, employing advanced microprocessor-based systems, make it possible to limit fuel consumption not only for pro-environmental purposes but also in order to reduce heating costs. Thanks to the application of an automatic igniter in our boilers, we are able to reduce annual fuel consumption by up to 1 ton. The technologies applied regulate burning, thanks to which excessive burning of fuel and baseless increasing of temperature in rooms or business premises do not take place.

Environmental protection

The application of modern, automatic burners, intended for burning biomass fuels (e.g. pellets), makes it possible to meet strict requirements concerning environment-friendly and effective combustion. Boilers manufactured by METAL-FACH Heating Technology have the appropriate certificates confirming high efficiency and environment-friendliness.


Thanks to advanced PLATINUM controllers, with Wi-Fi support, furnace users have the ability to control various functions via their smartphone, tablet or computer at any place and at any time. The user is able to program the week, day and hour of boiler operation over a long period of time. Once programmed, the controller saves the input plan until the next change. The application of an automatic igniter decidedly improves the functionality and comfort of operating the boiler. The applied technology makes visits to the boiler room a rare occurrence.

High quality

To show their high quality, our boilers come with a 5-year guarantee. During every stage of production, our products undergo detailed inspection by means of specialized equipment. The tests that they passed in specialized testing facilities in Poland and abroad are proof of their quality. Each test is certified and confirms boiler capabilities. Our boilers also received the German TÜV Rheinland quality mark.

Metal-Fach Heating Technology

METAL-FACH Heating Technology is a company involved in the manufacturing of high-class central heating boilers. We understand perfectly the needs of both our distributors and private customers, who are choosing the right heating system during house construction or renovation. Considering the diversity of our customers’ expectations, we offer boilers with diverse parameters. In the offer specially prepared by us, you will find boilers for pellet and eco-pea type fuels. We make every effort so that the central heating boilers that we offer, both boilers for biomass and eco-pea boilers, are products of the highest quality, with not only solid workmanship, but also high functionality and reliability. We also take care that the boilers that we offer are both eco-friendly and economic. We can say with pride that all of our boilers have declarations of conformity with PN-EN 303-5 2012 as well as class 5 and EcoDesign certificates!

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