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Central heating boiler service regulations

I. Dictionary :
1. Service – Metal-Fach Technika Grzewcza Sp. z o.o. 16-100 Sokółka, st. Sikorskiego 66,
2. Customer – the person ordering the service.
3. Gwarant – producer of Metal-Fach boilers Jacek Kucharewicz.
4. User – a person who is the owner of the device (boiler).

II. Key Points:
1. These website regulations apply to the terms and conditions of the provision of maintenance services by Metal-Fach Technika Grzewcza Sp. z o.o. based in Sokółka, ul. Sikorskiego 66.
2. When ordering a service to be performed by the Website, the Customer is obliged to provide basic data necessary for his identification, operational contact and information about the service provided.
3. The website informs that providing personal data is voluntary.
4. The customer agrees to the storage and processing of his personal data only for purposes related to the services provided by the Website.
5. Refusal to provide the above information may be the basis for refusal to consent to the provision of services by the Website.
6. The website is the administrator of personal data. Information on the protection of personal data is available on the website https://www.metalfachtg.com.pl/ in the ABOUT US tab
7. Metal Fach Service reserves the right to amend these Regulations. Information about changes in the regulations will be posted on the website https://www.metalfachtg.com.pl/.
8. The service is a service consisting in the maintenance and repair of Metal-Fach Technika Grzewcza Sp. z o.o. equipment.
9. Service orders (on-site service) are submitted by filling in the appropriate form on the website https://www.metalfachtg.com.pl/zglos-problem-online/.
10. The Website reserves the right not to provide the service or change the date of its implementation for reasons beyond the control of the Website.
11. The customer is obliged to provide reliable data during the registration of the service performed using the customer’s service card. Providing customer data is necessary for the proper execution of the invoice.
12. In the event of proper performance of the service or failure to perform it due to the fault of the Customer, the Service Center is charged a fee in accordance with the price list. The customer will confirm the service in writing on the appropriate form and accept the agreed amount. The prices of the services are available at https://www.metalfachtg.com.pl/kontakt-z-serwisem/.
13. The customer bears the costs of the work already performed and the ordered spare parts and materials, if after accepting the costs of the service, the customer decides not to repair.
14. Parts and assemblies replaced during repair are not returnable.
15. The website undertakes to provide services with the utmost care.
16. In a situation where the Client:
a) will not comply with the provisions of the Regulations,
b) will act to the detriment of the website,
The Website has the right to cease providing services to the Customer without the right to a refund of the commission already paid.
17. The customer agrees to the processing of personal data in accordance with the general regulation on the protection of personal data of 27 April 2016 (Journal of Laws UE L 119 of 05/04/2016).
18. The repair deadlines provided by the Service Center are approximate and may be extended, repairs are performed in the order they are sent.
19. Complaints submitted by the Customer in connection with non-performance or improper performance of services require a written form indicating:
a) customer data enabling his identification,
b) name, type of service to which the complaint relates,
c) the subject of the complaint,
d) circumstances justifying the complaint.
20. Before the arrival of the Service Center employees, the Customer is obliged to prepare the warranty documents and all necessary documents specified in the warranty conditions.
21. On the day of ordering the service, the Customer is obliged to provide access to all rooms where the service will be performed and to provide adequate lighting, access to the place of electricity consumption and water, electricity and gas cut-off points.
22. In the event of lack of access within the specified period, the Customer undertakes to pay a fee for the service (in both directions) and for one man-hour of service in accordance with the current rates indicated in the service price list.
23. The customer is always obliged to cover travel and service costs, regardless of whether it is a warranty or post-warranty service, whether it is repair, disassembly or assembly of the device or its parts.
24. Complaints should be sent by e-mail to the following address: serwis.kotly@metalfach.com.pl.
25. The website will consider the complaint within 7 days from the date of its delivery.
26. By commissioning the service to the Website, the Customer declares that he has read the content and accepts the provisions of these Regulations. Other provisions of the parties beyond the content of the Regulations require a written form. In all matters not covered by these Regulations, the Civil Code shall apply. Any complaints resulting from ignorance of the Regulations will not be considered.

III. Equipment shipment:
1. The risk of damage to the equipment during transport to the Service Center is borne by the customer. Remember to properly pack and secure your equipment in order to protect it from the risk of damage during transport.
2. If the Service receives a shipment that is improperly secured or impossible to send back due to the possibility of damage to the equipment, the Service Center will add the costs of the new packaging in the amount of PLN 25 gross, which shall be borne by the Customer.

IV. Warranty period:
For the device (boiler) – 2 years from the date of sale, but not longer than 36 months from the date of its production, except for:
a) exchanger – for which the warranty is 5 years from the date of sale, meeting the conditions for using the warranty;
b) moving, cast-iron, mechanical elements, a screw – for which the warranty is 1 year from the date of sale;
c. consumables (e.g. sealing cord, gaskets, vermiculite, fireclay, refractory concrete fittings, ceramic linings in the combustion chamber, ceramic plates, deflectors), electrical components (sensors, capacitors), screws securing the worm coupling, cotter pins – which are not covered by the warranty.

V. Warranty scope:
1. Liability under the warranty covers only defects arising from reasons inherent in the device at the time of its release to the User.
2. The warranty for the device is provided by the manufacturer (called the Guarantor): Metal Fach Technika Grzewcza Sp. z o.o., 16-100 Sokółka, ul. Sikorskiego 66.
3. Under the warranty, the User obtains the right to a free repair of the device, if the device defects are revealed during the warranty period. If the Service finds that it is impossible to repair the device or its part, the Guarantor reserves the right to replace the device or its part with new ones.

VI. Complaints procedure:
1. In the event of incorrect operation of the device, before submitting a complaint, make sure that everything has been done in accordance with the Operation and Maintenance Documentation.
2. Notification of the need to repair the device under the warranty should be made by the User immediately, preferably within 7 days from the date of noticing the defect.
The service is reported by filling out the form on the website https://www.metalfachtg.com.pl/zglos-problem-online/.
3. It is recommended to refrain from using the faulty device.
4. The user is obliged to ensure free access to the device (in particular, to enable removal of the device housing, access to valves).
5. Warranty repairs will be performed by the Service Center.
6. The date of making the device available is determined by the User with the Service.
7. Depending on the scope of the repair, it can be performed at the location of the device covered by the complaint, or at the Guarantor’s or a specialist company acting on behalf of the Guarantor.
8. The performed repair under the warranty should be confirmed in the warranty card.
9. The warranty is extended by the time during which the user could not use the device due to a defect in the device covered by the warranty.
10. The guarantee does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer resulting from the provisions on the warranty for defects in the sold item.

VII. Warranty conditions:
1. The condition for considering a complaint under the warranty is:
a) Installing the device in accordance with the Operation and Maintenance Manual (in particular, connecting the boiler with a properly made installation, performing the first start-up in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, using devices to protect the boiler against cold water return (four-way valve with an actuator, ice dispenser, etc.),
b) Sending back to the Guarantor’s address a copy of the correctly completed warranty card, signed and stamped by the seller within 30 days from the date of sale of the device
c) Presenting, at the time of submitting the complaint, a correctly completed warranty card (signed and stamped by the seller) and proof of the circumstances of the purchase of the device (e.g. receipt, invoice). If the User loses the warranty card, a duplicate will not be issued.
d) The User’s compliance with the recommendations contained in the Operation and Maintenance Documentation of the device.
e) Perform the first start-up of the boiler within 6 months from the date of installation. The first start-up of the boiler is a paid service and its cost is covered by the User.
g) Performing service of the device (e.g. device adjustment, cleaning, measurements, flue gas analyzes) by specialist companies with appropriate permissions (an exemplary list of specialist companies is available from the Manufacturer – at the number +48 85 711 94 56), in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Documentation Technical and Movement and recording maintenance services in the warranty card. The User may report the need for service interventions on the Metal Fach Website (Helpline +48 85 711 94 56, www.metalfachtg.pl/zglos-problem-online). The maintenance service is payable.
h) Performing warranty repairs only by specialized companies with appropriate authorizations (a list of specialized companies is available from the Guarantor – tel. +48 85 711 94 56), and recording them in the warranty card.
i) The use of spare parts and consumables meeting the parameters specified by the manufacturer. The use of original parts is recommended.
j) The warranty covers the territory of the Republic of Poland.

VIII. Warranty Exclusions:
The warranty does not cover device defects resulting from:
a) Failure by the User to comply with the conditions contained in the Technical and Operation Documentation and contained therein, inter alia, instructions for transport, assembly, operation, operation and maintenance of the device;
b) Inadequate storage and transport by the User;
c) Damage to components of the device due to the use of incorrect voltage by the User. if the device is powered directly or indirectly by power generators, systems or UPS devices, the User should consult the parameters of the power devices with the manufacturer;
d) Defects of the device caused by a faulty heating system connected to the device;
e) Overheating of the boiler by the User;
f) Connecting the boiler by the User to a closed system, without the use of an appropriate cooling device;
g) the use of inappropriate, poor-quality fuel by the User;
h) Unauthorized modifications to the device by the User.

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Opening hours:

  • Mon.-Fri. 7:00a.m.–3:00 p.m.
  • Phone: +48 85 711 94 54 int. 17
  • E-mail: p.czepiel@metalfach.com.pl

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