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Instructional videos prepared especially for our clients.
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Heating Technology

Instructional videos on the operation of the boiler and controller

Check if you know everything about your central heating boiler!

To meet the expectations of customers and installers who assemble our central heating boilers, we decided to launch a series of new instructional videos on our YouTube channel:
– The videos concern the installation and operation of central heating boilers;
– They are intended for both installers and customers who own or want to buy our central heating furnace;
– Under each of the videos, you can ask questions about a specific topic;
– Our specialists will try to dispel any doubts and answer the questions.
We want our customers and installers to have an impact on the further development of the channel. In the comments, you will also be able to post ideas / suggestions for topics for future films. We will be happy to consider each of them.